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We are motivated to enjoy what we do, but above all that you enjoy what we do. We work to offer you a delicious vegetable alternative, with our tasty products, creating a healthy, sustainable and respectful diet. We want to raise awareness about healthy eating: because a healthy diet helps you lead a healthy lifestyle. We want to be a global reference veggie, contributing to improve the well-being of society through the daily consumption of vegan and sustainable products for the planet. In short, we are driven by values of collaboration and innovation to make your life easier with fresh and affordable products, simple to cook while maintaining their properties and that are your alternative to meat products

Biosurya nosotros

Juan B López Y Teresa Madurga

Co-founders and happily retired

We present those responsible for Biosurya today occupying a space in many refrigerators of Spanish and foreign homes. Two visionaries who joined forces and determined to fulfill their dream. From the beginning, Juan has been in charge of product development as Creative R+D Director of Biosurya; It is the creative force of the company, the innovator, the one that strives to go one step further, in search of new flavors and new recipes, new ingredients, always maintaining the premise of health, sustainability and respect. Teresa, passionate and committed to everything she does, is the soul of the company. Her position as CFO has allowed her to have a clear vision, to help people eat affordably and healthier by developing easy-to-prepare plant-based recipes. She is a strong supporter of the idea that Biosurya is a large family and that fact is key to her success.


Enoch López Madurga

Member of the Advisory Council

Enoch started working at Biosurya in 1998 at the age of 16. He forged his experience and knowledge through different positions, from warehouse assistant to others of greater responsibility, as CEO for many years. It represents the new generation with fresh ideas and modern and innovative projects. Currently, he is part of the Advisory Council to contribute his Know-How to the board of directors of Biosurya.

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