Starting from Juan and Teresa’s kitchen in 1978, we have become one of the leading plant product manufacturers in the country

Biosurya was born in a small domestic kitchen in 1978. The founders of the company, Juan and Teresa, were determined to make their little dream come true: the dream of making life easier for people wanting a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the taste of good food

From that small kitchen, they kneaded the first croquettes with their own hands and little by little the client base expanded as did market supply and demand

They opted for creating products that were innovative (especially for those days, back in the 1970s) such as vegetable-based chorizo or black pudding, which soon became best sellers. That is what eventually led Juan and Teresa to give up their jobs and dedicate themselves entirely to developing their own products. After some time, they leased premises with a small shop and several years later, booming sales led them to open a large warehouse and to acquire the latest machinery with which to develop a wide range of products

Over more than 40 years of innovation and experience, Biosurya has created products that have enjoyed almost immediate success on the market. Nowadays, we continue to innovate in order to offer our customers exactly the product they seek: delicious, healthy, sustainable and plant-based

After more than 40 years in the business, Biosurya is reputed to be one of the leading and most expert vegetarian food producers in the sector in Spain but which still preserves the values and underlying philosophy that drove its founders to create a company with solid grassroots based on respect for our planet, a healthy lifestyle, and good taste.

The good results and success of Biosurya reach the ears of Léa Nature, the leading Bio group in France, interested in us. In October 2017, the family took the step forward and decided to be part of this great group, sharing values and philosophy of life: sustainability, biodiversity and respect for the planet. This alliance establishes a relationship of synergy, with common challenges and strategies between Spain and France, and an opportunity for growth and modernization, from which we can learn a lot and support each other and to take Biosurya to the next level of internal restructuring generating specialized work teams that improve quality and performance.

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